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Welcome to
3FIVE55 Publishing
An African American, Woman-owned Company

"Until Lions have historians tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter" 
African Proverb
Until lions have historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter African Pro

3FIVE55 Publishing LLC

  • Creating the Narrative

  • Inspiring Change

  • Empowering Knowledge

  • Promoting Dialogue

  • Preserving History

Life is a Banquet!
Create Your "Banquet List".
Don't put your dreams on hold.

"Life is a banquet and most poor fools are starving to death"
Feast on life!
Live! Live! Live!
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Fall, 2023
in Paperback and eBook 

New Authors coming  in 2024! 

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Patreon and GoFundMe supporters will be the first to know, and depending on level of support, some will receive, autographed copies, or eBook version.  See our Patreon and GoFundme campaigns for addition information.

We are currently NOT accepting new manuscripts for 2023, as we gear up the launch of the company.  

Our next round for submissions will be March, 2024.  Join our mailing list to receive announcements.  See our submission page for more information.  Agent representation is not required, however we accept submissions from authors and agents.  

Submissions submitted before the open submission period will be returned.  

Our submission requirements and publishing process can be found here.

Join us in telling the story of the Lions. 
Support the growth and legacy of  3FIVE55.

Life is a FEAST!  A banquet, meant to be experienced, savored, devoured, and enjoyed. his book teaches you to Live! Live! Live!  When you put dreams on a 'bucket list', you will likely never do them.  'Some Day', we say, but it never happens.

Life is a Banquet shares stories, tips, and actions to take, so you live your best life NOW!

Don't make a bucket list.  Buckets are for holding things.

Banquet Lists allow us to handle our day-to-day responsibilities AND experience the dreams that bring joy to our life!

Life is a feast to be enjoyed!  Stop putting your dreams on hold and begin now, experiencing the things you have always dream about.

Life is a Banquet shares stories of people who learned how to balance life’s obligations, while living their dreams.  The book shares their experiences, and philosophies, while reminding us that tomorrow is not promised.  All we have is now.

  • Learn how to begin to Live! Live! Live!

  • Living even the smallest of dreams will make a world of difference in how happily you live your life!

  • Don’t, can’t maybe, one day, not sure, not now … strike these words and phrases from your vocabulary.  They are blocking your dreams!

  • STOP keeping a bucket list and start LIVING your Banquet List!

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