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Founder and CEO 
Shelley Bradford Bell Photo 2020.jpg

Shelley Bradford Bell served as Director of Global Marketing and Special Events, and Global Travel Media’s Managing Editor – The Americas, for Global Travel Media, an online travel publication that runs six days a week, after a long and successful career in journalism, publishing, and world travel.

Shelley spent her career building on her childhood passion of writing and storytelling. After writing for several magazines including Global Travel Media, Shelley has published two books. “Beyond the Vine”, a three-day tour of Napa California available through, and “Boldini’s Muse”, the first publication available under the 3FIVE55 Imprint.


She is a former co-chair of the Bay Area Black Journalists Association (BABJA) and worked closely with journalists on issues such as the exclusion of Black Journalists from key reporting, the designated "black seat" in media, and balanced reporting of Black life.


Over the past 30 years, she has created marketing and promotional campaigns for international clients, published two magazines; and developed global travel programs for youth. Shelley has published both fiction and nonfiction books, as well as built and managed a variety of social media platforms for her clients.


Shelley has over 31 years of experience as a veteran public executive, community organizer, fund developer and public relations and promotions consultant. In 1983 she created SBB Communications, specializing in public relations for small businesses, corporate relations programs, Incentive, and Executive Travel Services.

In addition to her running 3FIVE55, and enjoying her creative writing projects, Shelley coaches individual in Public Speaking and seminar development; personal transformation coaching, Leadership Development, Organizational Assessment, Non-profit Program Strategies, Strategic Planning, Marketing Plan Development, and Environmental programming.

For 30 years, Shelley has provided coaching and consulting specific to nonprofit board development; city planning, government relations, international arts, education, and arts program development; event planning; corporate/educational/heritage tour planning; and youth program development.

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