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Boldini's Muse

Available in paperback or ebook


After being sealed for seventy-years, a mysterious apartment in Paris grabs the attention of the world. It reveals only one answer - it once belonged to Marthe de Florian, a courtesan during Paris' famous era, the Belle Epoque. However, who was she? Why had it been sealed, yet all the charges paid? Step inside the story with a journey to the past. This story is a fictional account of real events. Look inside the life of a woman who's as mysterious as the apartment that holds her past. A woman who wielded influence in art and politics and entertained the most powerful men of France in her bed.

To Stand Here Now

Available Fall 2020



TJ is a man so filled with the pain of his past he has decided to escape it.  So he lives between the pages of books, in tales told by writers who seem to understand his pain.  But over the years he has become almost a recluse seemingly enjoying the solitude until a stranger gives him a book that upsets everything.  

The Will

Available Winter 2020



Gilda is the 90 year old woman, who is loved by everyone in her San Francisco apartment building.  She befriends four women in the building who become like daughters to her.  When she dies, they each learn she has left them each a gift in her Will, but they must each accept a challenge that will alter their lives forever. 

The Banquet List

Available Summer 2020



"Life is a banquet, and most poor fools are starving to death!" So are the words of Rosalind Russell in Auntie Mame.  

Life is meant to be experienced, savored, enjoyed.  This book helps you to Live! Live! Live! When you put dreams on a 'Bucket List', you will likely never do them.  'Some Day', we say but it never happens.  


The Banquet List share secrets and tips on how to live NOW!  Life is a feast to be enjoyed!  Don't make a bucket list.  From now on keep a Banquet List and watch your dreams and desires come true!

The Cracks Are How the Light Gets In

Fall 2020



To work on ourselves, we must be able to see the challenges and changes we must make.  Without the cracks in our veneer, how will we improve?  This book helps us to design a strategy for changing our habits and improving our lives, while we embrace and celebrate our imperfections, the cracks where enlightenment comes in.

 Shelley Bradford Bell

Shelley BB by Cheryl Pegues.jpg

At the age of six, living in Chicago, Illinois, I saw Paris and San Francisco for the first time between the pages of my World Book Encyclopedias. That began my love affair with books and magazines. It also led me to declare that when I grew up I would live in San Francisco and Paris. While most of us never get to achieve our childhood dreams, I have been able to do so. I've lived in San Francisco since 1984 and got my first apartment in Paris in 2001. For nearly 18 years I have traveled between my two favorite cities on earth, while I enjoy a life of writing, coaching, and speaking. Life for me is a banquet and I am savoring every moment!

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